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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a developmental disability since it influences the way children develop. In the Philippines, there are more patients with CP than those with polio, spinal lesions and other movement disorders combined which approximate about 1-2% of the total population. Despite this, there is no government program that addresses this condition; both in treatment and prevention. Philippine Cerebral Palsy [Rehabilitation Center], Inc. is the only non-stock; non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and alleviation of CP and other motor-related disorders in the Philippines. Founded in 1956, PCPI continues to champion for the care and rights of the CP individual.

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Get involved
There is no limit at which PCPI can benefit from society's support; from your support. There are numerous ways to contribute towards PCPI despite what most may think. Individuals, groups, students, doctors and people from all walks of life have chosen to be involved.

Events Calendar

Events calendar
CP is not all about disability. It can also mean Charitable Participation; or Costume Party; even Carefree Play. PCPI helps nurture the CP child holistically through its various activities designed to address the social and recreational, as well as spiritual well-being of the CP individual and their families.

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