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Definition, symptoms, treatment, etc.

Pseudogout is the term some people use for calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease (CPPD), which occurs when calcium pyrophosphate crystals form and accumulate in the joints and surrounding tissues. CPPD is a type of arthritis that has symptoms similar to gout. Gout is also a type of arthritis, but its symptoms …

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Disability Insurance May Provide COVID Coverage

Health insurance isn’t the only benefit you need to look at during the open enrollment season. According to the Business Group on Health, nearly half of large employers expect an increase in disability benefit claims due to complications from COVID-19, or what is often referred to as long-haul COVID. If …

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Uber-style disability care service launched in Seattle

twin sisters of Minneapolis and Joshin co-founders Melissa Danielsen (CEO) and Melanie Fountaine (COO) are excited to see their product hit the Seattle market. The duo have created a digital care platform that connects caregivers with families with specialist care needs because they understand this struggle firsthand. Joshin is clearly …

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