A new model and treatment for mood disorders has a very high success rate

LONDON, October 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A world first model for mood disorders involving precision medicine and mitochondrial treatment with High Dose Levothyroxine and rTMS (patent pending), has been published by The London Psychiatry Center. Based on results from a cohort of 55 patients, this is the first study ever published showing complete recovery from mixed and severe depressive symptoms in all forms of bipolar disorder.

The paper “A New Treatment Protocol Combining High-Dose Levothyroxine and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the Treatment of Rapidly Cycling Bipolar Spectrum Disorders: A Cohort Evaluation of 55 Patients“, reveals that out of 55 patients treated with the combination of high-dose levothyroxine and rTMS, 53 fully recovered and experienced substantial improvements in their quality of life. While 80% of bipolar patients take on average 3.8 drugs, 58% of patients in the cohort took only levothyroxine, and the average number of drugs for all patients was 1.8. The treatment was well tolerated with one patient experiencing minor reversible side effects.

This treatment will be life changing for those suffering from mixed, hypomanic and depressive phases of bipolar I, II, sub-threshold and depression with carried away/overwhelmed thoughts and/or restlessness. These last are up to 40% of all people with depression. This group worsens with antidepressants and subthreshold symptoms do not heal with the standard combination of Quetiapine and mood stabilizers.

Bipolar Spectrum Disorder (BSD) is a group of conditions that have a significant impact on quality of life, resulting in high depressive burden, early death at age 10 from heart disease in 4/10 and a suicide rate of 2/10. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that the level of disability in BSD is greater than all forms of cancer, epilepsy, and all known neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Doctor Andy Zamarthe protocol’s inventor, and his team will present the treatment model and results at the World Psychiatric Association’s 2022 Congress: New Horizons in Psychiatric Practice (November 10-12, Malta).

The London Psychiatry Center is known for its pioneering work in psychiatry and has introduced new technologies to the UK and Europe including rTMS and eTNS. It is also the first in the world to successfully apply precision medicine in psychiatry.

SOURCE The London Psychiatry Center

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