An effective homeopathic treatment in the management of neurological diseases, according to data

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic said on Friday that an analysis of several years of clinic patient data and some published research shows that homeopathic treatment is effective in managing several neurological disorders.

“Multiple sclerosis is a common autoimmune disease affecting the nervous system and we see on average around 50 patients with multiple sclerosis each month. The use of evidence-based homeopathic treatment protocols from Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s clinic leads to improvement in some forms of disability and a decrease in the frequency of recurrences in cases of relapsing multiple sclerosis. About sixty-five percent of patients are able to report a positive result after treatment at the clinic,” said Dr. Kushal Banerjee, Senior Homeopath at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee Clinic on World Brain Day , celebrated on July 22 each year.

The doctor says that patients with many other serious diseases like Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, brain tumors and brain trauma can benefit from homeopathic treatment. While obviously not all diseases can be cured, managing their symptoms can go a long way to improving patients’ quality of life without any side effects, he said.

“Stroke is another major clinical entity that we encounter and treat frequently in our clinic. We see approximately 4,000 cases of stroke and stroke-related complaints each year. Although it is always best to begin stroke treatment as soon as possible, patients may report improved motor function even when homeopathic treatment is started years after the event. With homeopathic medicines, we are able to help heal partially damaged nerve tissue and improve neurological function. Homeopathic treatment protocols also help reduce the risk of stroke recurrence. Patients with neurological diseases should definitely consider homeopathic treatment as exclusive or as an adjunct to allopathic medicine for optimal results, adds Dr. Kushal Banerjee.

Dr. Banerjee also claimed that homeopathy offers a safe way to treat various brain-related diseases and disorders and has effectively proven that it can help manage and alleviate a wide range of brain and neurological diseases. The causes of diseases of the brain and nervous system can be classified into several categories: immune system, infection or injury. Additionally, diseases can also occur due to degenerative or developmental issues.

Epilepsy is another common brain disease resulting from abnormal functioning of electrical pathways and can be effectively treated with homeopathy in most cases, he said.

“Epilepsy is another extremely common disease affecting the brain. It can result from a simple fever or it can be due to damage done to the brain during the birthing process and other causes. This can accompany developmental problems. The clinic is currently involved in the management of several thousand cases of simple and complicated epilepsy. Homeopathy is of particular importance when antiepileptic drugs are introduced in patients with developmental delays. Since these drugs can contribute to the patient’s mental regression, parents are often extremely distressed. The Clinic’s doctors, working together with the prescribing neurologists, are able to gradually wean off anti-epileptic drugs with the use of homeopathy. It also greatly helps in solving development related issues,” the Padma Shri recipient said in a statement on Friday.

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