Aviv Clinics Dubai Breakthrough Brain Regeneration Treatment Program

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – A revolutionary new treatment protocol to help restore brain function in patients with stroke and traumatic brain injury was presented to medical professionals in Dubai this week. The announcement was made by Aviv Clinics Dubai, which organizes a medical conference under the Dubai Health Authority’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation scheme.

Aviv Clinics has provided fully documented evidence for the use of their proprietary Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to improve cognitive and physical performance in people with stroke and traumatic brain injury, regardless of the severity of their condition. Aviv’s new medical protocol improves neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt in response to injury or disease, and reactivates neurogenesis, the regeneration of nerve cells in the brain.

The need for the new treatment is great. In the United Arab Emirates, stroke is the second leading cause of disability after road accidents. Each year, 8,000 to 10,000 people suffer from strokes and up to 50% of stroke survivors suffer from some form of motor dysfunction or brain impairment. Patients who follow the Aviv Clinics treatment protocol have reported dramatic improvements in their self-confidence and overall quality of life. Cognitive improvements include better attention memory and concentration, improved decision-making and sharpness, and other cognitive abilities. Physical improvements include increased energy, power, endurance, coordination and balance as well as reduced and improved sleep quality.

This week’s groundbreaking announcement reflects the joint commitment of medical researchers from Aviv Clinic, DP World and the Dubai Health Authority to bring world-class healthcare innovation to the UAE.

Aviv Clinics has invested more than 15 years in the development and clinical trials of HBOT and at this week’s conference presented treating physicians with their unique treatment protocol which involves patients breathing in pure oxygen in a special room known as the HBOT suite.

DP World established Aviv Clinics Dubai as a wholly-owned subsidiary to bring this highly specialized technology and treatment program to the United Arab Emirates, contributing to Dubai’s position as the MENA region’s preeminent destination for innovation, investment and quality of health care.

The Dubai Health Authority CME Conferences provide the platform for healthcare professionals to stay up to date with the latest treatment protocols and in this case, realize the full potential of Aviv Clinics.

His Excellency Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman and CEO of DP World and Chairman of Aviv Clinics Dubai, said, “Our vision in bringing Aviv Clinics to the UAE is to empower our healthcare professionals in Dubai, UAE Arab States and the region access to a truly unique and revolutionary treatment. protocol that has the proven ability to improve brain function for people struggling with a wide range of conditions.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Moin Fikree, Medical Director of Trauma Center at Rashid Hospital, explained: “With people living longer, treatment protocols like Aviv Clinics Dubai can help improve the quality lives of people living with the aftermath of stroke, traumatic brain injury and a range of brain and age-related conditions.


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