Banff nursing home staff ordered to improve wound care for residents

The Banff Care Home has been deemed “adequate” by the Care Inspectorate.

Banff Care Home has been ordered to improve the way it treats resident injuries.

This is the second time the Care Inspectorate has raised concerns about wound care procedures at the Colleonard Road home.

Inspectors made an unannounced visit to the 50-bed home on March 29 to find out how well people at the home were being supported during the pandemic.

A previous visit in February 2022 had made a number of demands on the owners of the home, Banff Care Limited.

Most requirements have been met

Inspectors found that the majority of previous requirements had been met, but said improvements were still needed, calling them “adequate”.

Banff Care home was asked to improve its wound management. Photo by Shutterstock.

Care is rated on a six-point scale where one is unsatisfactory and six is ​​excellent – ​​adequate is third on the scale.

A report on the care home said: ‘Staff had worked hard to implement the findings of the previous inspection on February 3 and 7.

“Further work is needed with regard to care planning, particularly wound care planning.

“We have reaffirmed the requirement for wound management with an extended deadline of June 24, 2022.”

Improvements in wound care have yielded positive results for one person, inspectors noted.

“However, there were inconsistencies in wound care plans for others, with noted gaps in recording in assessment and evaluation tools,” the report adds.

New requirement for people living with a learning disability

The report added a new home improvement requirement focusing on “improving provision for people who have learning disabilities”.

Banff Care Home. Image by Google.

The Banff Care Home was commissioned to examine the needs and outcomes of all people living with a learning disability in the home. The house is registered for a maximum of 10 disabled people.

He asked staff to “adopt valid communication tools for people in a learning situation”.
disabled” and to provide training to the staff concerned “specific to the support of people with mental disabilities in a retirement home for the elderly”.

The requirement must be met by June 24, 2022.

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[Staff at Banff care home ordered to improve wound care for residents]


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