Bexhill Woman’s ‘Race Against Time’ for Life-Changing Chemotherapy Treatment for MS

Nikita Hoile was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in 2015, but has been suffering from the disease since 2012. “That’s when my first episode happened and I lost my vision, my speech and my ability to walk. Fortunately my body was at a stage where it could repair itself and I recovered, ”she said.

Nikita, from Bexhill, set up a GoFundMe page to try to raise enough money to travel to Mexico in March of next year for the hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) – an intense 28-day chemotherapy treatment that aims to stop the damage caused by MS by suppressing it and then repelling the immune system, using stem cells from its bone marrow.

She has so far raised over £ 4,000 of the £ 45,000 she needs for private treatment at Clinica Ruiz. Last month, Hastings United Football Club had ground collection buckets for fans to dig deep for their cause.

Nikita Hoile said: “Normally I wouldn’t ask for help with these things, but due to the progression of my MS we are running out of time.”

Nikita said that over the past 10 years she has tried different drugs and disease modifying drugs (DMDs) – but her MS is starting to progress and she is in desperate need of HSCT.

“There are other treatments available, but where all other treatments are aimed at slowing the progression of the disease, HSCT aims to stop the progression completely and allow me to live a normal, healthy life,” he said. she writes on her GoFundMe page.

“I am not eligible for this treatment on the NHS as I must be seen failing a long list of other DMDs, as well as having MS for less than 10 years. As I will soon be turning 10, this is not something that can be done. I also don’t want to wait for my disease to progress and get worse to the point of irreversible permanent disability.

She added, “Normally I wouldn’t ask for help with these things, but due to the progression of my MS we are running out of time. Please don’t think we have taken this decision lightly as it is aggressive treatment and comes with its own risks.

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