Care Court Equals Oppression – Pushing the Boundaries – July 1, 2022

Our governor is rushing through the legislature with a bill that will make huge changes to how homeless people are treated in California. The so-called Court of Care bill is moving quickly through Senate and Assembly committees without a single “no” vote. The people saying ‘no’ are disability and homeless advocates uniting to call this an unacceptable racist and classist plan that will harm the very people it claims to help.

vanessa ramos

On this show, two of the people who best understand the perils of the Care Court Bill will tell us why it has caused such furor. Both have lived experience in mental health and the criminal justice system and one has been homeless for nearly a decade.

Vanessa Ramos is on the public policy team at Disability Rights California. She is co-founder of the Healing Heart Project. She brings to her work her experience navigating the legal system and the public mental health system as a person living with a disability. It shapes policy and creates positive outcomes rooted in the self-advocacy of people with disabilities. Inspired by her mentor, Tina Wooton, Vanessa focuses on implementing wellness strategies within the California mental health workforce and prison system. She is a harm reductionist.

Malini Olono

Malini Olono lives with complex PTSD, spent nearly a decade homeless and was imprisoned for the non-crime of being a homeless human being. Before and during the Reagan years, she worked as a psy tech with people with psychosis. She saw both sides of this issue.

Produced by Adrienne Lauby and Jacob Lesner-Buxton.
Hosted by Adrienne Lauby

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