“Care in Equality”: the government introduced a bill to extend paternity and maternity leave

This Monday, President Alberto Fernández presented the bill “Care in Equality” which aims to extend the license to pregnant and non-pregnant people, creates adoption leave and maternity allowance for single-tax taxpayers. She did this with the Minister for Women, Gender and Diversity, Elisabeth Gomez Alcorta.

As stated in the initiative, maternity leave will be extended from 90 days to 126 days and paternity leave will be extended from 2 days to 90 days.

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The proposal promoted by the president modifies and creates regulations on work permits related to care. It includes the workers of the LCT, the agrarian work regime and the special contract regime for the personnel of private houses and the national public administration.

The project proposes to create a comprehensive care system with a gender perspective (SINCA). It is “a set of policies and services that ensure the provision, socialization, recognition and redistribution of care work, between the public sector, the private sector, families and community organisations. As well between all gender identities so that all people have access to healthcare rights and are treated under equal conditions”.

It aims to extend licenses for pregnant women from 90 to 126 days. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

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In addition, it sets the objectives to be pursued by healthcare policies in general and those intended for specific populations in particular.

It also promotes the expansion of the supply of care services and infrastructures. “It compels the Nation’s Ministry of Public Works to allocate at least 8.5% of its budget each year to the expansion of the country’s public care infrastructure.”

The project does not involve any increase in costs for employers, given that “it is expected that the new licenses and the extension of the current licenses will be financed by social security”.

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The project includes extending the license from 2 to 90 days to non-pregnant people regardless of gender.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
The project includes extending the license from 2 to 90 days to non-pregnant people regardless of gender. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Licenses for future adopters and children with disabilities

  • “Licenses for Prospective Adopters and Licenses for Adoption.” Creates a leave of 2 to 12 days per year for people who are about to adopt to visit the child or adolescent who is intended for adoption. If passed, the bill provides for a 90-day license.
  • “Authorization for 2 to 6 days to treat or accompany the spouse or partner who practices medically assisted procreation techniques and it extends it from 3 to 10 days in the event that they have dependent minor children”.
  • Incorporates license extensions for children with disabilitiesbefore multiple births or adoptions, premature births or with chronic illnesses”.
  • “In the event of multiple births or adoptions, the license will be extended for a period of 30 days for each child from the second. In the event of premature birth, the leave will be extended for a period of 30 days. In the event of the birth or adoption of a disabled or chronically ill child, the leave will be extended by 180 days.

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Maternity allowance for single contributors and self-employed workers

The project provides “The creation of an allowance for pregnant women, non-pregnant people and for adoption. The amount of the allowance will consist of the monthly payment of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage”.

It also establishes the same regime for persons in private households, temporary agricultural work personnel and for the entire national public administration.

It is also requested to extend adoption licenses and the creation of an allowance for monotributistas.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
It is also requested to extend adoption licenses and the creation of an allowance for monotributistas. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Amendments to the special licenses provided for in the law on the employment contract to extend the right to care

  1. “It extends the leave for the death of a spouse or partner (the latter are added) and for a child. It takes 3-5 days.
  2. “He is extending the leave due to the death of a brother. It ranges from 1 to 3 days.
  3. “It creates the special leave for care due to illness of a dependent person, partner or spouse, which is currently 2 days, with a maximum of 20 days per year”.
  4. “Creates gender-based violence leave, up to a maximum of 20 days per year.”

The months of leave are included in the calculation of the forecasts as months contributed.

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