Disability care

North Dakota State Agency Hosts Home Care Webinars

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Department of Social Services will be hosting webinars this month to highlight services for people with disabilities and the elderly beyond nursing home care. The first webinar, which ran from noon to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 24, focused on community supports and residential adjustment, …

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Duke Clinic supports children in foster care

They say timing is everything and Lindsay Terrell, MD, knows that saying rings true. Terrell is the Clinical Director of the Duke Foster Care Clinic. She and her colleagues aim to get in touch with children who enter foster care within a week. They hope to match the child, foster …

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The role of physiatry in the continuum of care

Typically, orthopedics involves repairing torn ligaments or tendons, attaching plates, screws, and rods to bone, partially or fully replacing joints, and improving the biomechanical function of the human body. Although it is often immediate to address the root cause with surgery, restoration of function is a process that takes time, …

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