Deadline Approaching for Ground Zero First Responders to Apply for Disability Benefits

First responders who participated in the rescue, recovery and cleanup of the World Trade Center have until Sunday to register with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to preserve their right to receive benefits such as lost wages, even if they are not yet sick.

The recording could help a person who responded to the terrorist attacks and becomes permanently disabled due to an illness related to the toxic air from Ground Zero qualify for a presumption of accidental disability from the World Trade Center, have officials said.

Registration can also help beneficiaries become eligible for an accidental death benefit if the claimant dies. People who made a previous claim and were denied benefits would also have the opportunity to have their claim reconsidered.

Initially, people who took part in the rescue, recovery or clean-up operations had until September 11, 2010 to file a notice of participation. This is the third extension of the deadline.

The board has received 48,255 records from the World Trade Center so far, a state spokesperson said.

Both houses of the state legislature passed a measure that would extend the filing deadline to 2026. Governor Kathy Hochul is reviewing the legislation, the spokesperson said.

State officials said individuals must register with the council whether or not they are sick and whether they have been paid or volunteered to work at Ground Zero, the Fresh Kills dump , at area docks, barges or morgues between September 11, 2001 and September 12. , 2002.

Filing with the state board does not preclude individuals from filing a claim with the Federal Victims Compensation Fund, which provides financial assistance for medical monitoring, treatment, and medications, and helps compensate victims. the financial impact of illnesses related to 9/11. People receiving lost wages from the fund, however, would not receive similar funds from the state board, experts said.

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