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As the cost of living crisis mounts, vulnerable people are struggling to make ends meet, with some forced to sacrifice their basic needs to support others. One such example is Susanne Crosby, mother of a disabled 16-year-old girl with Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that renders her unable to walk.

Ms Crosby and her husband have seen their bills soar as they fight to ensure their daughter gets the care she needs from power-hungry medical aides.

She told the Daily Express they were in such dire financial straits that she often only had yoghurt for lunch as she prioritized her child’s vital expenses.

Her touching story highlights the need for support, but the carer’s allowance of £69.70 a week is deemed grossly inadequate.

Express.co.uk readers rushed to comment calling on the government to show respect and increase benefits.

An outraged reader with the username Booo wrote: “Liar government only helps with £150 in power.

“They expect us to go into debt for the remaining £200.”

They continued: ‘People with disabilities have had no covid help and are now paying the price while the government recovers from paying money to others.

“Care allowance is a joke, it is paid at a lower rate than unemployment benefit for a week longer than 36 hours.

“We need help NOW, we’ve waited two and a half years to be noticed.”

This comment was echoed by someone with the username H Smith, who said: “The government needs to raise pensions and benefits in line with inflation, even if that means borrowing more money for the pay.

“And tax those energy companies too.”

Another reader using the username Dunky expressed empathy for the hardships the disabled girl’s family is going through.

They noted, “That this woman and her daughter are going through this is a disgrace to the system.”

Someone else with the username Mīnōtaurus said, “There is heat or food, which is a bad situation.

“But essential equipment to ensure someone can breathe the next day is not a choice, it needs funding.

“Any government, left or right, can certainly provide grants to fund essential energy like this.

“The calculations for such equipment are simplistic. Do it!!”

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