Elder care, justice and climate

Greens candidate for Wide Bay, Craig Armstrong

Arthur Gorrie

Maryborough chef Craig Armstrong says he has lived and worked in Maryborough for 27 years, preparing food for some of “our most vulnerable but deserving people”.

“I have provided meals to seniors, the disability sector, early education and child care, and as a support worker for people with disabilities.

“Through my close contact with all these people, I realized how badly they are treated by government policies and practices,” he said.

“Caring for vulnerable people should never be privatized. But the coalition government is more concerned with cutting taxes for the richest than providing care, comfort and security for the most needy,” he said.

“The for-profit model of privatized elderly care has seen the quality of care plummet. Staff cuts and money cuts have increased workloads, and growing precariousness means workers feel increasingly insecure.

“Similar pressures are felt by people with disabilities in our communities, where proposed changes to the disability support program evaluation system are causing great insecurity and fear.

“Meanwhile, the unforgivable mismanagement of the COVID pandemic by the coalition government has caused untold confusion, misery, fear and financial ruin.

“The absence of climate policy has made Australia a pariah nation, putting the long-term future of our planet at risk and causing economic uncertainty as international investors reject our fossil fuel economy. Unfortunately, the Australia wasted the opportunity to be a world leader in renewable energy and green industries, instead we lag behind all other industrial nations.

“The Greens have fair, practical and costed policies in all of these areas,” he said.

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