Everything you need to know about ocular shingles: symptoms, treatment and complications

ocular herpes

  • The smallpox virus sleeps in our body, but becomes active again after years.

  • If the disease is not treated, it can continue to progress, manifesting as a corneal ulcer.

  • Shingles has a low mortality rate, but its complications, especially postherpetic neuralgia, can lead to disability.

Ringworm is a rash that appears as small blisters on the skinusually on the torso, although it can also appear on the abdomen, legs, or face, and is caused by reactivation of the chicken pox virus. smallpox virus as if we were sleeping in our body, but After years, it reactivates and the shingles infection appears.,

One of the existing types of shingles is ophthalmic:


– Redness of the eye.

– Foreign body sensation.

– Constant tearing.

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– Photophobia or sensitivity to light.

-Low vision if the shingles affects the retinal region.

– Rash or swelling of the eyelids.

– If the herpes reaches the cornea, then the scars can be seen

If the disease is not treated May continue to progress manifesting as corneal ulcers, In more advanced stages, the herpes virus can seriously damage the cornea and even perforate it. It usually only affects one eye.


Once diagnosed by an ophthalmologist, treatment will focus on treating symptoms and preventing further episodes. For that, Adequate eye hygiene with saline will be done daily and antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs will be prescribed,

In extreme cases, if ocular herpes has caused significant vision loss due to corneal damage, a corneal transplant may be a solution.

Systemic treatment of shingles shortens the healing process, preventing or alleviating pain and other complications Acute or chronic, especially when given within the first 72 hours of symptoms.


The most common complications of ophthalmic shingles are those affecting the skin of the eyelids (blepharitis) and/or the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). Corneal involvement (keratitis) is the most severe and can leave sequelae affecting vision. something else, Intrauterine inflammation can produce sequelae such as cataracts or glaucoma and inflammation of the retina (retinitis) Can skip important sequences,

Although this type of shingles may have different results., Carmen suffered from this ringworm“It affected my eyesight and I lost a lot of vision. Now I have monocular vision and my eyes are very tired,” he explained. immediately to the doctor because you can prevent the nerve from being affected as it happened to me.”

The average duration of shingles is 2 to 4 weeks, It can be reduced if the treatment is applied at the first symptoms. For this reason, it is very important to go to the doctor as soon as the pain begins or as soon as the first blisters appear.

Shingles has a low mortality rate, but its complications, particularly postherpetic neuralgia, can lead to disability and affect the quality of life of those who suffer from it, There is no cure for this disease, but it is preventable. For more information, consult your doctor and visit the website www.virusherpeszoster.com.

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