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Moving into an aged care facility is a significant life change that can be greeted with apprehension, but it can also provide an opportunity to live your best life in a safe environment with familiar faces and needed help around the corner. from the street.

At the Gill Waminda Aged Care Centre, operated by The Salvation Army Aged Care (TSAAC), the goal is to provide quality care by promoting a culture of choice in a family setting.

The center offers personalized care plans and lifestyle programs, caters to culinary preferences and supports residents’ relationships with family, friends and community.

Lifestyle Coordinator, Margaret is passionate about creating a home for residents. “I want people to come in here and be happy and know they are loved and everyone is welcome. It’s a place of warmth and love,” she said.

Margaret recalls when resident Maddie first moved in, who thought she was moving into a new apartment and not a nursing home. Margaret and her team then involved her in choosing the colors of the furniture in the common areas of the center so that she felt included, in control and offered some normality to facilitate the transition.

Margaret collaborates with residents on the lifestyle program through monthly care partnership meetings, as well as with their families.

“They work with us as a team, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to meet all of our residents’ needs,” she said.

“You can’t have a functioning center without a family.”

This helps inform current and new programs that hope to reflect resident lifestyles.

Garry, who resides at Gill Waminda Aged Care Center in Goulburn, spends his mornings doing tricky puzzles. Seeing his enthusiasm, the staff created a corner just for Garry to enjoy his puzzles.

With lifestyle programs integrated into the daily life of the center, residents have the opportunity to pursue their interests and discover new ones, as they wish.

“In elder care, you feel like you’re working from home because you’re with the same residents and you connect with them and can take better care of them,” said the director of the center, Sadiya.

“We have in-depth conversations with residents who are engaging themselves, their families, relevant decision-makers, nurses, physicians, care managers and center managers, and anything important is noted in the plan of care,” said TSAAC Clinical Learning Specialist Colleen.

“We maintain the dignity of residents by working with them and consulting with them to ensure that all personal decisions are made safely.”

Risk assessments are used to ensure that residents can engage in activities they deem important while receiving comprehensive care.

Apart from staff getting to know residents, there are also initiatives for residents to get to know staff.

The staff at the center are made up of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and they have found that the dancing, music and food have really helped residents get to know the people who care for them better.

Many staff have had family members reside at the center or have also joined the team, such as Margaret’s grandmother and the daughter of staff members Michael and Teresa.

John’s wife resided at the center and John now resides there himself. He told his family that when the time came he didn’t want to be anywhere but Gill Waminda and that he felt at home at the centre.

For more information, contact Gill Waminda Aged Care Center on 02 4823 4300.

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