For some disability benefit recipients, the desire to work will never stop

The Uber Eats driver
Christine McGee, 29, of New Orleans suffered from an aneurysm in 2007 and was diagnosed with an anarteriovenous malformation, forcing her to undergo both ISS and SSDI. Today, she is taking steps to re-enter the workforce by driving for Uber Eats and she is no longer receiving SSI.

ohSince I graduated from college and time has passed, I have not been able to find a job in [the criminal justice field]. I had to do something, because Social Security disability insurance wasn’t really helping. I saw that Uber Eats was looking for drivers so I decided to try and see how that would help.

We usually start doing Uber around lunchtime and work around lunchtime, then after that we take a break until around 6pm. Then we go back to roughly [until] 8:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. This is usually when Uber is busiest, including weekends.

I have a rotary knob [on the steering wheel] so I can drive. The only other thing with me being disabled [is] carrying a lot of objects. This is where my wife comes in. We do it as a team.

Being an Uber Eats driver gives me a bit more leeway financially. Of course, being a recent graduate from college I’m looking for a career in a different field, but Uber Eats serves as a stopgap until I get the perfect job.

My wife is a professional pet sitter so whenever she gets a job like pet sitting or dog walking I help her do that as well. If something else comes up, [like] appointment with the doctor, this allows us to have flexibility. If we just want to go to the park one day and feed the ducks, it’s good to take that break. And it’s important that we don’t have to wait for weekends or certain days off if we just feel like doing it.

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