FSU partners with Simply Healthcare to improve treatment of trauma patients

Florida State University’s Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy announced a new partnership with Simply Healthcare Plans to improve the treatment of trauma patients.

The new partnership will provide specialized training and an educational program to members of the Simply Healthcare team in the hopes of improving patient outcomes. The objective: to recognize the role that trauma plays in overall health through

“Recognizing early childhood trauma is an important factor impacting health across the lifespan, and by learning trauma-informed approaches in healthcare settings, Simply can more effectively treat patients and optimize outcomes. health outcomes ” Mimi Graham, director of the CPEIP, said in a statement.

The partnership hopes to strengthen Simply Healthcare’s efforts to become a trauma-informed organization and ensure that staff members are well equipped to recognize and properly respond to patients with a history of trauma.

“At Simply, we are constantly looking for innovative opportunities to help us meet the health needs of all of our patients. Holly Prince, president of Simply Healthcare Plans, said in a statement. “For those who have experienced trauma, it is paramount that team members across our organization are familiar with the best practices for identifying, responding to and treating these patients to ensure they get the help and support they need. That’s why we’ve partnered with FSU’s nationally recognized program to train our team members and implement a framework that increases awareness, knowledge and skills around trauma and resilience.

Two in three adults report having experienced adversity as a child, which is linked to the top 10 causes of death and disability, according to FSU CPEIP.

“Adverse experiences and childhood trauma have been shown to cause negative health effects later in life,” said the secretary of the Department of Children and Families. Shevaun Harris said in a statement. “Early intervention and trauma-informed care can make a difference in a person’s life. I applaud this partnership between FSU and Simply and the positive steps they are taking to improve patient care.

FSU will assist the organization by teaching a 20 hour trauma and resilience training course that will enable staff to receive professional certifications on the subject. FSU will also help Simply Healthcare develop cutting-edge trauma policies, practices and materials for dissemination across Simply Healthcare’s network of primary health care providers and work with the organization to incorporate concepts and language based on evidence and trauma-informed in key documents.

The work of FSU CPEIP is a nationally organized center of excellence in trauma, spearheading Florida as a state trauma-informed system, as shown in the Cutting Edge Initiatives Showcase in Florida trauma. FSU Center’s Early Childhood Health Care Optimization Project has translated the science of trauma and toxic stress and the impact of early mental health into easy-to-use resources for healthcare professionals and parents.

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