Hyderabad Woman Suffers ‘Beauty Salon Stroke’ After Salon Treatment, All About The Syndrome

In a bizarre development, a woman in Hyderabad suffered a ‘beauty salon stroke’ after a hair was treated at a salon. The case came to the fore after a neurologist who treated the woman took to Twitter and reported on the shocking incident and the rare syndrome. According to the neurologist, the 50-year-old started showing symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, after having her hair washed at a salon.

Dr Sudhir Kumar, Senior Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, took to Twitter and mentioned how the woman was initially treated symptomatically by a gastroenterologist. However, her condition did not improve and she was referred to him.

“The symptoms did not improve and the next day she developed a slight imbalance while walking. She was referred to me for advice.

She had slight right cerebellar signs. Brain MRI revealed infarction in right posterior inferior cerebellar territory, MRI angiography showed left vertebral hypoplasia,” Dr. Sudhir tweeted.

Doctors say a vessel supplying blood to her brain was squeezed when she bent over to wash her hair, which led to the stroke. Thanks to the deep understanding of the subject, the doctors were able to save her, and she is now on lifelong treatment like any stroke patient.

The facts of the case

Imagine going to a nice hair spa and instead of leaving feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you develop symptoms that make you feel dizzy and nauseous. Something similar happened to a 50-year-old woman in Hyderabad, who suffered a rarely seen “beauty salon stroke” after going to a hair salon. Thanks to the timely intervention of the right subject matter expert, the woman was saved from a potentially fatal fate.

The case came to the fore after a doctor who treated the woman took to Twitter and reported on the curious case of a woman from Hyderabad who suffered a stroke.

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Woman develops stroke symptoms after going to salon

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Senior Consultant Neurologist at Apollo Hospitals located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, took to Twitter and mentioned how a 50-year-old woman developed shocking symptoms after having her hair washed in a salon.

“I recently saw a 50-year-old woman with symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting, which started when she washed her hair with shampoo in a beauty salon. She was initially taken to a gastroenterologist, who treated her symptomatically,” Dr. Sudhir tweeted.

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Condition not improving, MRI shows clots in brain

However, the woman’s condition did not improve 24 hours after the first symptoms. The woman was then referred to Dr Sudhir, who did an MRI, which showed clots in her right cerebellum and a key artery in her neck called PICA.

With advances in the medical literature and the availability of more information than ever before, doctors were able to conclude that the woman was suffering from a “beauty parlor stroke”.

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Woman takes medication for life

The stroke occurred due to “hyperextension of the neck towards the pelvis when washing hair,” Dr. Sudhir said in a TOI report.

After identifying the key problem, doctors administered relevant medications. She is currently recovering and, like most stroke victims, she has been put on treatment for life.

What is Beauty Salon Stroke?

According to MedIndi, stroke is seen when a person goes to a salon to get shampoo. To wash your hair, you have to tilt your head back in the living room sink. If the neck doesn’t have proper support, or if the neck is bent too much for a long time, the arteries that supply blood to the brain can compress, causing blood clots in the brain, which can be fatal.

“Massage to go”: the doctor gives a tip

In his series of tweets, Dr. Sudhir also mentioned what can be done if such symptoms appear under similar circumstances. “Take-home message: Stroke affecting vertebro-basilar artery territory may occur when shampooing to wash hair in a beauty salon, particularly in women with other risk factors for stroke. “atherosclerosis and undetected vertebral hypoplasia. Prompt recognition and treatment can prevent disability,” he tweeted.

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