‘I get paid better as a housekeeper’: Older workers talk about their salary

The average hourly rate for senior living workers who commented on the post was $25.70. The lowest rate was around $21 per hour and the highest was around $30.

As part of the award, full-time and part-time residential aged care workers receive a minimum of $21.62 per hour. The highest rate under the prize is $26.26. Casuals are paid a minimum of $27.03 per hour, up to32.83 for the highest casual worker.

Home Care

For home care staff, support group workers had an average hourly rate of $29.08, with an average gas allowance of 78.5 cents per litre.

Under this price, full-time and part-time home care workers are paid $21.88 per hour, up to $28.78. Casual home care workers are paid $27.35 per hour, which increases to $35.98 per hour.

By comparison, the average salary for a cleaner is $28.22 and baristas are paid $29.23 per hour, according to Indeed.com.

“Taking Its Toll”

Low pay rates mean aged care staff work as many hours as possible just to put food on the table.

As one support group member shared, “The stress of working in aged care where you’re rushed and yet needed to support the mental well-being of the elderly weighs on me.”

She works every other Saturday and takes no holidays to make ends meet.

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