Imams to Ummah: Take care of the well-being of the OKU

Azlan Othman

The religious authorities urged the Ummah to take care of people with different abilities (OKU) by understanding them, helping them and guiding them, so that they feel loved, appreciated and not isolated from society, have said the imams during the Friday sermon yesterday.

They added that any stigma or negative perception towards OKU should be eliminated.

Government emphasizes the welfare and welfare of OKU, imams said, implementing the 2021 Ordinance on People with Different Abilities and the Old Age Pensions Act and disability (amendment) 2021.

The regulations are a testament to the fact that the well-being and protection of the OKU is seen as the highest priority on the national agenda, the imams said.

“We have to sympathize with their struggles. Each individual has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the OKU is taken care of in a holistic manner. “

“We must also recognize that OKUs are able to acquire knowledge and live independently in the community,” the imams said.

They also shared that the Sultanate has joined with the rest of the world in observing and celebrating the OKU this month.

Brunei celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (OKU) on December 3 under the theme “Leadership and participation of people with disabilities towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world” to commemorate achievements in development, involvement and contribution to the community and the nation.

The celebration also served to raise awareness of the challenges facing the OKU and a reminder that they also play a crucial role in community and national development.

“Let us instill a feeling of gratitude for the blessings of Allah the Almighty,” the imams said.

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