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The Philippine Cerebral Palsy (Rehabilitation Center), Inc. is the only non-stock, non-profit NGO in the country specifically established to meet the needs for care and management of individuals with Cerebral Palsy and other motor-related disorders. The Center solely relies on generous donations from private individuals and corporations for its continued operation.

For the Center to continue serving our CP fellowmen, we need your help.

For your monetary donations, you may deposit to these accounts:

  • BPI Peso Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc.(3561-0284-77) Pasong Tamo Branch
  • BPI US Dollar Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc. (003214-0206-44) Corinthian Plaza Branch

Our Therapy Centers will also greatly benefit from the following:


  • Desktop computers (CPU, Monitor, keyboard, mouse; 4 sets)
  • Office or computer tables
  • Gas-lift computer chairs (4)
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Electronic Daily Time Recorder
  • Window-type Air Conditioners (1-1.5 HP; 6 units)
  • Portable audio system with speakers and amplifier
  • Electric Typewriter/Check writer
  • Assorted colored paper (letter-size)
  • White 200gsm letter-size board paper
  • 8.5 x 11" certificate holders/frames


  • Children's Multi-vitamins*
  • Children's fever medicines*
  • Toiletries (hypoallergenic lotion and powder)
  • Topical allergy/anti-itch lotion
  • Bed linen set (Single; mattress, pillow cases and blanket; 2 sets)
  • Aneroid Sphygmomanometer set and stethoscope
  • Children's Cough medicines*
  • Children's anti-seizure medication**

*Children's medications are highly recommended to be in SYRUP/SUSPENSION preparation.
**Requires S2/Narcotic/Dangerous Drugs Bureau license from issuing physician.

Therapy Departments

Children are prescribed a regimen of therapy sessions on at least a weekly basis: 1 OT, 1 PT and 1 SLP session with a recommended donation amount of ₱ 150/session/therapy. Majority of PCPI's patients receive treatment twice a week.

Occupational Therapy
  • Desktop Computer (1 set)
  • Sensory/stimulating toys, books, music player and children's music/audio files
  • Wall-mount fan (4 units)
  • Split-type A/C unit
  • Leatherette-covered foam mats (2-4" thickness)

Physical Therapy
  • Sensory/stimulating toys, educational toys, books, children's music/audio files
  • Gas-lift chairs (5 pcs.)
  • White board (60 x 40 inches)
  • Electric fan (stand, 6 units)
  • Window-type and/or Split-type A/C units (4 - w or 2 - s)
  • Leatherette-covered foam mats (2-4" thickness)

Speech Therapy
  • Desktop Computer (1 set)
  • Activities of Daily Living (simulation) toys, puzzles, large print educational books
  • Activity/reward stamps or stickers
  • Leatherette-covered foam mats (2-4" thickness)

Computer Education (Tutorial class)

  • Touch screen or Desktop computers (5 sets)
  • Ergonomic computer tables and chairs
  • School supplies: assorted color (whiteboard) markers and pens, short and long folders and envelopes, instructional/educational video CDs, assorted coloring materials, bond & colored paper)

Common Area

  • Wall or ceiling-mounted electric fan (12 units)
  • CFL bulbs (8 and 11 watts; 50 pieces)
  • Custodial supplies: Floor mops, industrial floor polisher scrubbing pads, dust pans, large capacity trash bins, powdered soap, brooms, lawn mower, hedge trimmer)
  • Plastic [monobloc®] chairs (50 pieces)
  • Industrial paint (primer, flat wall or enamel), carpentry materials/supplies
  • Roofing/ceiling materials (plywood/board, 2x2 dimensional lumber, assorted nails), sealants and insulating foam
  • Grounds-keeping: lawnmower, gardening implements (rake, shears, folding ladder, etc.), work gloves, large trash bins, industrial paint
  • Standby Generator 15kVa
  • Plumbing and toilet/bathroom fixtures (lever-type faucets, porcelain sink, etc.)
  • Public Address system or portable audio system with amplifiers and speakers

Pediatric Dental Clinic

  • Microtip applicators
  • Glass Ionomer Fuji VII
  • Disinfecting agents/solutions
  • Zinc Oxide eugenol
  • Sterilizing pouch
  • Mixing pads
  • Glass Ionomer Fuji IX
  • (Mint-flavored) latex gloves
  • Chlorhexidine solution
  • Defogger
  • Fluoride varnish
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Silver Diamine fluoride
  • Fluoride pollypaste
  • Papoose board
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