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PCPI enjoys a colorful past. Ever since it's founding in 1956, countless individuals have come to share their time, talent and treasures. Foremost of whom was Dr. Deogracias J. Tablan, an orthopedic surgeon from the National Orthopedic Hospital who served as the Center's Medical Director and prime mover from 1956 up until his retirement in 1992; 36 years of commitment! The members of the local chapter of the Elks Lodge (Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks 761) have been advocates from day one as have been the likes of several Filipinos who prefer anonymity.

Medical Practitioners are not the only people who chose to be involved with PCPI. The Shaw and Angelo King Foundations have been generous benefactors in the construction of buildings for the Center; had it not been for the Ayala group's bighearted gift of a contract for the perpetual lease of the site where PCPI now stands, none of these would have been possible.

Special Education teachers, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, other allied medical practitioners have given much of their time and skill for the children of PCPI. The Center has other needs as well. Relying solely on donations; PCPI benefits tremendously from donations in kind, too. Monetary gifts support ongoing projects and help bring to fruition programs designed for the PCPI community. There is no limit at which PCPI can benefit from society's support; from your support. There are numerous ways to contribute towards PCPI despite what most may think. Individuals, groups, students, doctors and people from all walks of life have chosen to be involved.

So can you.

The Center has turned more than half a century old and still remains the only NGO in the Philippines established to address the needs and care of CP individuals. The lack of government funding has not dampened the advocacy for the CP afflicted because of people like you. Join us. They need our help. Let's do it together.

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