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I am writing in response to the published article the gleaner Thursday, March 3, titled “19 and Never Been to School,” which made my heart ache.

It is sad to learn the fate of this young woman because of a disability. In our age of technological advancement, it is unfortunate that this has happened.

I had club feet (clubfoot) among other issues. My parents were poor, uneducated, had other children at the time and were in their 60’s. They sought medical attention for me and followed my treatment and the recommendations of the late Professor Sir John Golding.

My parents made sure that I went to the schools located at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Center (formerly Mona Rehabilitation Center) where I received basic and primary education.

The information I was able to glean from the story is that 19-year-old Jellisa Williams does not have an intellectual disability and as such could have gone to school, even while receiving a medical treatment.

Parents, I implore you to be more vigilant in the care and development of your disabled child. They should be treated the same as other children.

Although belatedly, I encourage Jellisa’s mother and siblings to give her the support she needs to achieve her dream of becoming a telephone technician. They should also follow the recommendations of the Reverend Arthur Taylor, president of the Combined Disabilities Association, so that she can get an education, have gainful employment and be fully integrated into society.


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