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Millions of Britons are not claiming disability benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and pensioners are the worst affected age group. That’s according to Age UK who say now is the time to do a benefit check.

Already 2022 has been labeled the “year of the squeeze,” with family budgets feeling the pinch due to rising inflation, but stagnating wages.

Almost three and a half million (3.4) million pensioners in the UK are cut off from the assistance allowance, which could earn them an additional £3,515 a year.

Add to that the thousands of other people who are estimated to be ineligible for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) and Disability Living Allowance and it’s clear to see why some people are struggling.

A total of £15 billion is wasted each year on unclaimed benefits, and a significant portion of this is due to unclaimed disability benefits.

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Who should apply for attendance allowance?

  • Pensioners who have reached the legal retirement age and who have a physical disability (including sensory disability, eg blindness), a mental disability (including learning difficulties) or both
  • The disability is severe enough that they need help caring for themselves or someone to supervise them, for their own safety or that of someone else
  • Must have needed this help for at least six months (unless terminally ill).

While lack of awareness is one of the reasons people don’t apply for disability benefits, some don’t because they’re discouraged by what they claim is an overly complicated process.

However, people can ask Age UK and Citizens Advice for help with completing the forms if they find the process difficult.

To check eligibility for all DWP benefits, people can go to where there is a handy benefit calculator.

Decisions on PIP eligibility can take up to five months, so it is advisable to apply immediately.

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