MMA wants more detail on health care human resources in 2023 budget

KUALA LUMPUR, 7th October – The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), while acknowledging the efforts of Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to secure a larger budget for the Ministry of Health, expressed hope for more details on human resources in the public health system.

Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz during the tabling of the 2023 Federal Budget in Parliament today announced a steep increase of 11.5% in the 2023 budget of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to RM36.1 billion , up from RM32.4 billion the previous year.

“There is still a long way to go to address the problem of contract doctors and the shortage of specialists,” MMA President Dr. Muruga Raj Rajathurai said in a statement released today.

code blue previously reported that a record 768 contract doctors left their jobs at the Department of Health last year. The number of resignations among contract doctors multiplied over the five-year period, from 110 resignations in 2017 to 768 resignations in 2021. A total of 168 contract doctors resigned in 2018, while 475 left their jobs in 2019 and 511 resigned in 2020.

Dr Muruga Raj believed that Khairy’s proposal for six new initiatives was what prompted the Ministry of Finance to give the Ministry of Health a larger budget.

“We believe that his proposal of six new initiatives worth RM3.4 billion to the Ministry of Finance at the end of September had an impact in convincing the Ministry of Finance of the need for a much higher allocation for the ministry. of Health.”

In addition to the above, Dr. Muruga Raj highlighted MMA’s satisfaction with the larger operational budget of the Ministry of Health.

“MMA is pleased that the government has recognized the need for a higher operational budget with an allocation of RM31.5 billion for its operational expenditure which we believe will help solve the problem for many of its health facilities. aging.”

Zafrul told Parliament that the government has earmarked RM420 million for the repair of old hospitals and clinics, as well as the replacement of old equipment, with a focus on healthcare facilities inside Sabah and Sarawak.

“The government’s emphasis on prevention by improving its various screening programs is also welcome. It is hoped that this will encourage the public to take full advantage of the support provided.

The government has allocated RM75 million for the Peka B40 health screening program for next year, a reduction of RM5 million from RM80 million the previous year.

Another RM 80 million has been allocated to the Social Security Organization (Socso) health screening program to detect and prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease. This program is open to 2.3 million workers registered with the Socso disability scheme.

“In the future, MMA hopes there will be transparency in the use of the various allocations from the Ministry of Health.”

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