Nurse Adopts Twins With Rare Disability After Parents Couldn’t Care For Them: “I Fell In Love”

Although her family and friends sometimes don’t understand her decisions, a nurse’s determination to transform the lives of two little angels is unaffected by the opinions of those around her.

In 2017, 3-year-old twins Matthew and Marshall Trepanier were reported to have oversized, misshapen heads due to Pfeiffer’s Syndrome. They inherited this genetic condition from the father, and because it is type 2, it affects many other parts of the body, including the child’s hands and feet.

Because of this condition, twins need 24/7 care, including hospital appointments, breathing tubes, wheelchairs, and more. Sadly, these children who desperately needed 24-hour help had to be taken away from their birth parents because Child Protective Services (CPS) deemed them unfit.

So it’s a chance that nurses like Linda Trepanier, 58, of Minnesota exist. In the mid-1980s, she gave up her career to become a foster parent of sick children. Speaking of her current lifestyle, she Express:

“When I was little I always thought I wanted to be a nurse and take care of babies and children.”

Until 2017, she had so far looked after 16 children. Those numbers were about to climb to 18 as the adorable twins made their way into her life.

After cheering on the cute duo for a while, social services finally asked if Linda would consider adopting one of the two. However, the nanny, who had fallen in love with the babies, could not separate them, Express:

“When I first saw the twins I thought they were the cutest little things I had ever seen.”

Therefore, Linda declined the offer, and instead of adopting one of them, she kissed them both. The mother said she already knew they were hers and beyond that it was doubtful that other parents would be able to care for two children with their illness.

Although adamant about his decision, many of his relatives were worried. As a mother of 3 older biological children, along with grandchildren, and at retirement age, they wondered why she would take such a responsibility.

“My family and friends think I’m crazy because I’m 58 and should be looking forward to my retirement, but I don’t care.”

If anything, this mother feels privileged helping her babies as much as possible, hoping her care and love will help them grow independent. If anyone can do it, it’s this nurse. This is not only because of his expertise but also because of his heart of gold.

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