Nursing home failed to provide ‘reasonable care’ to elderly woman who suffered a fall – Health and Disability Commission

The HDC found that the care given to the woman by the care home on this occasion was “inadequate” with unclear procedures for staff and their “insufficient” training and monitoring of the practice.

“There was a lack of policy to guide the rep when he visited the woman and found that she had fallen and had no recollection of the events that had transpired, and mainly Selwyn’s systems were at fault,” Assistant Health and Disability Commissioner Rose Wall said.

Wall recommended the Selwyn Foundation and the representative apologized in writing to the woman’s family.

She also made several recommendations to the Selwyn Foundation to review, update and develop policies for independent residents, organize training for relevant staff and ensure that a copy of the Code is provided to all residents.

“This case is significant and presents a valuable opportunity for the wider retirement village sector to learn from the events that have transpired. The provision of health and disability services to residents who live independently in a retirement village retirement is not unique to the Selwyn Foundation,” says Wall.

“It is reasonable to assume that such lifestyles will only increase and become more complex in the future as the elderly population grows and the demand for residential aged care services increases.”

Wall said that an increasing number of older people with comorbidities will continue to live independently in nursing homes and that in order for these residents to stay safe, the roles and scope of responsibility of all parties involved must be clearly defined and followed.

Since these events, the Selwyn Foundation has made multiple changes to its procedures and processes and has undertaken additional training for its Self-Help Residential Services staff.

It also reviewed and updated its standard license of occupancy and disclosure statement for the retirement village, and updated its marketing materials for self-employed residents so that the services they provide are clearly described. said the HDC.

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