People with professional representation are more likely to get disability benefits

People going through the disability benefits process can get help from professional disability advocates.

Disability benefits are intended to help people who cannot work due to serious health problems. But it is not always easy to ask for this help without help.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, Sept. 13, 2022 / — Social Security disability benefits were created to spare people financial ruin when they are forced to stop working – through no fault of their own. their part – due to serious health problems.

But a system designed to weed out undeserving applicants makes getting benefits a lot of work in and of itself.

Faced with this system, people ask themselves: “Do I need a representative for Social Security Disability?

You don’t have to have a representative, but government statistics have found that people are almost three times more likely to be approved for benefits after a hearing if they have a lawyer. (Government Accountability Office:

Filing a disability claim involves filling out lengthy forms, collecting medical records, and possibly arguing for benefits in front of a judge at a hearing.

For many years in a row, Social Security has denied a large majority of people applying for benefits. (Social Security Disability Insurance Annual Report:

Candidates must then pursue complicated remedies to finally obtain financial assistance.

One type of professional focuses on helping people with this problem: Social Security Disability Advocates.

Disability Advocates are specially trained in Social Security rules and processes, so they can guide people through daunting Social Security disability claims with care and confidence. Some attorneys also represent people in Social Security disability claims.

Hanley Disability is an Indiana-based advocacy company with a 50-year history that helps thousands of people achieve Social Security disability.

For more on what Defenders do, see Hanley Disability.

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