Pet sitting: how to take care of your visually impaired dog

If you have a dog losing their sight or going blind, it can be a difficult time for your pet as well as your family. Blindness in dogs can be caused by age or illness and while it’s heartbreaking to see your adorable pooch struggling with his disability, you can always make a few changes to his routine and your home to make things right. more comfortable for him. Don’t forget to pamper them a little more but at the same time work on making them as independent as possible. (Also read: Signs that your dog is a bully; What to do about it)

“Having a blind dog at home and caring for it can be a challenge. A little extra love and care can make their home life independent and safe. Creating a safe space for your dog is extremely crucial. blind allowing him to live freely by eliminating potential dangers,” says Dr Lalit Kenjale, veterinarian at Wiggles.

Here are some home care tips for your blind dog:

1. Baby-safe your home

Having a pet at home is like having a toddler running around. Baby safety in your home is a big step towards eliminating hazards for your blind dog. Covering sharp corners and placing barriers in places like stairs where you are at risk of tripping can minimize the risk. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes, get on all fours and look for what you may have missed.

2. Do not change the layout frequently

If you have a blind dog at home, frequently rearrange furniture or relocate objects. Your blind pet will create a map in their mind and even the slightest change will confuse them. So avoid making sudden changes in layout and your pet will be just fine.

3. Be organized

We usually have a habit of leaving things strewn about, like just leaving shoes on the floor after coming home until we use them next time. These things can be very confusing and dangerous for your blind dog.

4. Floor mats or rugs can be a big help

Just like humans when there is a loss of one sense, the other senses are enhanced. Your dog’s paws become more sensitive. Using differently textured rugs in different rooms will help differentiate rooms and make it easier for them to navigate around the house.

5. Sounds make navigation easier

If you have a radio or speaker at home in the designated place on a daily basis, this can serve as an indicator. Keep it on while you go out as it will guide your bling dog to find the right direction and add to your dog’s independence.

Additionally, keeping platforms to access the couch or bed can help boost your blind dog’s confidence. If you have a bungalow, be sure to put up fencing and check for potential hazards. For partially blind dogs, some lights will pass through, so changes in house lighting should be avoided.

“You can train blind dogs to follow your voice commands by giving them appropriate treats. Remember that blindness can be caused by many different reasons, such as illness or old age. to the love and care of your precious fur family. Improvise and experiment; it will only strengthen your bond with your blind dog,” says Dr Kenjale.

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