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The Chancellor announced a package of financial measures on Thursday to help Britons pay soaring energy bills. Some eight million people on the lowest incomes will receive a one-off grant of £650 while those on disability benefits paid by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will receive £150.

Britons who depend on Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) and other disability benefits will receive £150 to help with the cost of living.

The news was announced by the Chancellor last week to help people with disabilities who often have a higher cost of living due to their condition.

Mr Sunak said: “People with disabilities also face additional costs in their daily lives, such as having energy-consuming equipment at home or in the workplace.

“So to help the six million people who receive disability benefits without a means test, we will, from September, send them a one-time supplementary disability cost of living payment worth of £150.”

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Disabled people who are also dependent on means-tested benefits like Universal Credit should receive a total of £800.

The Chancellor explained: ‘Many people with disabilities will also receive the £650 payment which I have already announced, bringing their total cost of living to £800.

Meanwhile, Britons are reminded to check their benefit entitlements as £15billion is lost each year in unclaimed benefits.

Simon Gray, Managing Director of HUB Financial Solutions, said: “With rising energy and food costs, it is important that people struggling to earn an income can take advantage of their benefit entitlements.”


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Mr Gray continued: ‘State pensioners received a 3.1 per cent raise in April, but the consumer price index was up 7 per cent in the year to the end. March and many – including the Office for Budget Responsibility, the government’s own fiscal watchdog – expect additional costs. increase.

“Benefits are made available to help people in a wide range of circumstances, whether they have difficulty earning an income, have to care for a relative, are sick or disabled, or that they are entitled to a reduction of the housing tax.

It’s not just the PIP that the British lack.

Millions of people could qualify for one of six benefits designed to support people with disabilities.

These benefits often act as gateway benefits to other financial aid such as a reduction in housing tax.

People with the lowest incomes are also entitled to help with energy bills during the cold winter months.

This financial assistance could be worth thousands of pounds.

To check their entitlement to benefits, people can go to Gov.uk or seek help from Citizen’s Advice or Scope.

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