Short-term disability insurance mystifies workers: Breeze

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  • Breeze sells disability insurance from Principal and Assurity.
  • The company interviewed around 1,000 women who had taken maternity leave in the previous year.
  • Only 40% said they took maternity leave with short term disability insurance while 35% said they did not have this type of insurance.

According to new survey data from Breeze.

Mike Brown, executive of the online disability insurance broker, spoke of the confusion in a summary of the results of a recent online survey of 1,000 women who took unpaid maternity leave between July 2020 and July. 2021.

Only 40% of survey participants reported taking maternity leave with short-term disability benefits, obtained through an employer plan or individual policy.

About 25% of participants were either unwilling or unable to say whether they were receiving short-term disability benefits.

Another 35% said they did not have short-term disability insurance that they could use to make up for lost wages.

When Breeze asked women who said they didn’t have short-term disability benefits why they weren’t insured, the most common reasons cited were:

  • I didn’t know anything about disability insurance: 33%
  • I tried to apply after I was already pregnant and learned that my pregnancy would be considered a pre-existing condition and would not qualify for Disability Insurance benefits: 21%
  • I thought I was automatically eligible for paid maternity leave through the government or my employer: 16%

Breeze and other disability insurance marketers need to make sure workers understand what disability insurance is and why workers need to think about the product even when they’re feeling good, Brown says.

A key message for clients who may become mothers is, “Plan ahead and apply before your pregnancy, so that it is not considered a pre-existing condition,” Brown added.

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