SSDI: application for disability benefits

Millions of Americans seek disability benefits because they are unable to work. This can take the form of SSI or SSDI, both of which are aimed at Americans with disabilities.

The reasons for applying for disability funding may vary, but one thing everyone has in common is that they have a disability that will prevent them from working.

Here’s everything you need to know to apply for the benefit.

Social security: SSDI and SSI explained

Information you must provide for SSDI or SSI benefits

You must provide your social security number, as well as your date of birth and the place where you were born.

If you are married, you need your spouse’s name, SSN, date of birth and age.

This is also the case for your ex-spouse, and you will need marriage and divorce details.

For all children, you will need to provide their date of birth and social security numbers.

Your banking information must be provided in order to give you your payments if you are approved.

Social security: getting benefits for your family members

Provide details of your disability for SSDI

You will need to provide proof that you have a medical condition preventing you from working.

You must provide contact information with the address and name of someone who knows your state and can help you with your request.

Any information about your illnesses, injuries and conditions must be provided.

You must provide

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers and treatment dates for doctors, hospitals and clinics
  • Names of drugs and prescribers
  • Medical tests, when you took them and who ordered them
  • Give details of your work history for SSDI

SSDI and the Ticket to Work program

You must let SSA know how much you have earned for previous and current years.

The names and addresses of your employers must be provided.

You will need to provide up to 5 jobs you have held in the previous 15 years before becoming disabled.

If you are collecting workers’ compensation, receiving black lung benefits, or seeking other benefits, you must provide this information to SSA.

Documents required for applications for SSDI benefits

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of citizenship if you were not born here
  • Military discharge documents
  • W-2 forms
  • Medical evidence
  • Payslips, settlements or letters of award

You can apply online through your My Social Security Account, by phone, or by visiting your local Social Security Administration office.

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