Treatment of deaf and deaf children is possible completely free of charge: Dr Akhter Lal SEXI News

The treatment of deaf and deaf children is possible completely free of charge: Dr Akhter Lal

BHAGALPUR: Lack of money is no longer an obstacle in the treatment of a deaf and deaf child. The Government of India has set up a special fund to eliminate the disability of these children. The treatment of these children is totally free. That is, the ENT and cochlear transplant specialist, Dr. Abhitir Lal.

According to Dr. Abhitir, the central government has provided completely free treatment for these children under ADIP (Assistance to Persons with Disabilities for the Purchase or Installation of Aids and Devices). An NGO ‘Hans’ is also working in Bihar and Jharkhand for the treatment of deaf and deaf children. ‘Hans’ helps five and a half lakh rupees on his behalf for the treatment of such a child. A negligible amount has to be spent by the parent. Dr. Abhitir Lal says we operate on these children in Patna.

Here they implant the device (cochlear) in their ear and then the therapy continues. But the child must not be more than four years old. We perform all the procedures before the operation. The parent has nothing to do. For this anyone can contact me at Tel 0612-2557103, 7260015122 and 7250429222.

According to Dr. Abhineet, there is a campaign going on in Bihar-Jharkhand to remove disability from deaf and deaf children in which I am involved. Such people can also contact me at the Garment Ear Clinic behind the Maa Bhagwati Complex located at the intersection of Boring Road in Patna.

Training is provided for two years after the operation:
The child receives special therapy for 2 years after the operation. Dr. Abhinay said the operation at the right time is important, but after that, parental support becomes more important for the therapy. What we call auditory verbal training.

He talked about the cost involved in his treatment, the cost of the implant stands at Rs 6.5 lakh and the surgery costs 1 lakh. In total it costs Rs 7.5 lakh but now we are treating deaf and dumb children absolutely free in the whole state of Bihar and Jharkhand with the help of central government and private institutions.

It is not possible to cure this problem after four years:
Dr. Abhitriti said that since the brain of the child develops at the age of four years and after that, it will not be useful to implant anymore. This is why it becomes important that if a child does not hear or speak for one to one and a half years, the parents present themselves immediately for treatment. Often family members wait thinking that there is still a small child, as it grows it will start to talk. But then it is too late. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify and start the treatment of deafness at the right time.

Reporting by Sanjay Kumar Munchun

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