“Why bone fracture patients should consult a physiotherapist before using an alternative treatment”

A physiotherapist at Yaba Military Hospital, Chinedu Ukaegbu, warned patients with bone diseases, especially fractures, to speak and seek advice from their health experts before using any alternative medicine.

He noted that while he won’t stop or discourage patients who prefer alternative treatment for their health issues, those with bone-related health issues should seek expert advice and guidance. before using alternative medicine to avoid a lifetime of permanent disability.

He said the treating therapist would assess the level of risk involved in using alternative medicine and also advise them on what to allow and what to deny during treatment.

Speaking to PUNCH HealthWise, Ukaegbu said: “I tell patients the only thing I’m going to discourage them from is going to alternative medicine without telling their therapist.

“For example, I encourage people who want to see traditional massage therapists and all those things to tell their therapist so they can advise them on what to avoid.

“It’s because, for example, someone who has back pain because their spine has shifted at some point has to be careful.

“If I’ve seen this situation on MRI and we’re working on realigning it and the person says they don’t want to have surgery and we’re like you have to have surgery to make this thing stop being displaced and the person is afraid that if they have surgery they won’t be able to walk if the thing fails.

“Someone can tell that person there’s a traditional masseur somewhere that they should go and the person will help them.

“Now the problem that people don’t understand is that if two people have back pain, their problem could be different.

“Some back pain may just be a muscle problem, meaning it may just be a muscle causing the back pain.

“Whereas for some other people, it is the back bone that is the cause of the problem. Then other back pain may be the result of another circulatory malfunction, as if something in your blood was already causing that thing.

“That’s why at the hospital, when they send you for a test, they try to figure out which one is exactly the problem.

“But now when you go to a masseur now, the person will assume it’s just ordinary back pain, but the person doesn’t know that the person they treated before they recovered was at the result of a muscle problem alone, which is different from the case he has.

“These people there, most of what they’re dealing with is the symptoms and the signs. They don’t really know what’s causing the problem, so they won’t know how to treat it properly.

The physical therapist emphasized that the root cause of a problem must be addressed instead of just treating the symptoms as many alternative health practitioners practice.

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