Woman refuses to care for her disabled mother after buying her sister Tesla

Parents showing favoritism towards children are unfortunately not uncommon.

A woman who felt her mother didn’t show her the same love as her sister decided she had had enough and refused to take care of her disabled mother.

A woman shared her story on AITA thread (r/AmItheA–hole) from Reddit and asked Internet users for their opinion.

The woman’s mother bought her sister a $100,000 Tesla.

The woman mentioned that she was caring for her disabled mother who was bedridden.

She admitted that her mother received help from workers for her personal hygiene, but the woman helped her with other things like taking care of the house, cooking and any financial issues.

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One day, she was checking her mother’s accounts and noticed that nearly $100,000 was missing.

She wrote: ‘After further inspection the money was sent to my sister. I asked my sister about it, and she told me our mom gave it to her to buy a highly spec’d Tesla.

The woman’s mother once showed favoritism towards her sister.

She wrote in her post that it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened — her mother would always give her sister preferential treatment over her.

Over the past two years, her mother had given her sister similar gifts that cost up to $100,000.

She explained that she had to buy her first car as her sister received one from her mother.

“When I moved to college, I had to pay for it myself while my mother, who is wealthy, paid for her to have a premium unit,” she writes.

She ended up having a huge argument with her mother.

At this point, the woman had had enough so she decided to confront her mother.

She expressed her thoughts and mentioned the sacrifices she made to care for herself while suffering from her disability.

“For example, I cannot leave the house overnight, which excludes all public holidays. It’s been like this for five years since my father died,” she wrote.

However, the woman was ready to put it all behind her as she questioned her mother to see if she was also ready to give her $100,000.

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Although her mother did not give her a direct answer, the woman knew her decision.

“She finally said, ‘It’s my money and I’m going to spend it however I want.’ I said, ‘Fine, I won’t help you AT ALL anymore.'”

After that, the woman ignored all her mother’s calls but felt bad when she found out her sister was seeking full-time care for her mother.

Redditors mentioned that she did nothing wrong.

People thought it was wrong for the mother to show so much preference for one child and not the other, especially when the wife had taken care of her.

One user wrote, “You gave her a warm home and she failed to appreciate it. I would do the exact same thing. If she has money, I would expect it to be spent on your comfort because you are the one sacrificing a lot for her.

Another user wrote, “If your mom has that kind of money, she can pay for home health care. Give him some time… 2 weeks to organize the caregivers, then leave. Do not wait because you are really used for nothing.

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