Your take: on ageism in healthcare, the Djokovic circus, the Maxwell case and more

Readers comment on case of 85-year-old woman sent alone at the Royal Adelaide Hospital home against her and against the will of her family, and the “circus” surrounding Novak Djokovic.

Commenting on the story: ‘Weak’ and ‘scared’ elderly COVID patient discharged from hospital against family’s wishes

This case is a testament to the ageism that is rife in Australia. The health care rights of older people have been neglected or ignored since the start of the pandemic. As a 79 year old woman living alone with compromised health, I am extremely anxious because it is obvious that if I catch COVID or have a heart attack, I may not be getting the treatment. which I need. I am aware that many other older people in my social network and other people with disabilities are also anxious and / or depressed for the same reason. Every life is precious, regardless of age, gender, race, wealth or ability. – Dr Dale Bagshaw, Adjunct Associate Professor, Justice and Society, University of South Australia.

Our Prime Minister is now going world class by passing the buck. Any other rational person could have said, especially given the grills he had on ABC, that “I will personally take it upon myself to see what happened and report back.” But no, a pitiful response from the spintors. -Mike Jackson

What a disaster! “We are well prepared” – what a furphy! – Robyn Stokes

Commenting on the story: Marshall says SA ‘is not out of the woods’ as business improves

I’m amazed that there seems to be such an interest in tracking the number of people with COVID and how well SA Health has done. Surely it would be wiser to give people information on what to do to take care of yourself when you do get it, which is surely more of a “when not if” question? – Michael Stentiford

Commenting on the story: ‘No plan’ for spillover as COVID stifles emergency

The Prime Minister said: “We have worked with private hospitals in South Australia to eliminate elective surgery. “

I’m just wondering: what are the staff in private hospitals doing now without work? These same staff should be busy with planned surgery patients. I’ve heard that private hospitals ask their staff to take time off and stay home, is that true?

Is the South African state government paying for this lost private hospital revenue? Are staff compensated for using their statutory holidays to adjust to the Marshall Plan – is there really a plan?

Are public patients treated in private hospitals? Why close private hospital surgery programs if there is no plan to move COVID patients there? Why cancel surgery for private patients to adapt to surgery for public patients? Can’t we do both? Doesn’t that increase the workload of public hospitals because people cannot have operations in private?

I hate the term “elective surgery”. It is not optional surgery – it is planned and necessary surgery that is not emergency surgery. Often, it is surgery that allows a person to regain their mobility, independence and quality of life. It can turn into emergency surgery if it is not done on time. – Janet Steele Scott

Commenting on the story: From COVID control to chaos – what now for Australia?

In what will soon be our third year of COVID, we still have a situation where residents of an elderly care facility are exempt from mandatory vaccinations, but healthcare and emergency personnel remain under warrants. of social conscience. As our healthcare system falters, how is it possible that our healthcare workers remain exhausted while the most vulnerable of the vulnerable remain exempt? -Steve Beyer

Commenting on the story: No vax, no visa for Novak as tennis star risks deportation

So it appears that although “valid exemptions” appear to be available for entry into the Australian Fortress, no government official (State or Commonwealth) has the gut courage or sincerity to offer a plausible explanation or reason. clear about the issues so that we can all be fully informed and educated along the way. Remembering that most tennis stars are physically fit athletes, some players have been granted exemptions and some not. No explanation or reason provided to the public. Are these secrets of national importance? I do not think so.

I am not defending Mr. Djokovic and his circus, because it seems to show that some stubborn individuals are in no way willing to be socially responsible. They might be entitled to an opinion shared by many equally stubborn supporters, who share nothing but virological illiteracy.

Wouldn’t it be easier for Novak Djokovic to explain himself in a sincere and honest way rather than to hide behind the thin veil of “private life” which is used? If tennis stars see themselves as “role models” then it would be appropriate to act responsibly and not take the “bad boy” approach to tennis.

Likewise, if the willingness to explain things honestly and carefully can be achieved by our politicians and government officials, then maybe their reasoning can be understood and they can also earn some respect that they have willingly lost. over the past two years of COVID confusion. But then again, I can see the wings fly over the armada of flying pigs. – Sozo Nikias

Commenting on the story: Maxwell calls for new trial after juror asks

The defense motion as reported is entirely appropriate if the jurors’ comments have been accurately reported. – Gilbert Aitken, lawyer, Mitchell Chambers

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